Whangateau Mangrove Snorkeling
Whangateau Mangrove Snorkeling

Whangateau Mangroves

Whangateau Harbour is undoubtedly the Matakana Coast’s best kept secret. Just 5 minutes’ drive past Matakana Village awaits the magical world of the mangroves. Accessed from the small settlement of Whangateau, the harbour has been described as the most important and highly valued estuary on Auckland’s East Coast and quite possibly in New Zealand.

Whangateau Harbour’s fully protected waters provide perfect snorkeling conditions, allowing snorkelers to witness the unique marine life associated with tidal estuaries and mature mangrove forests. Water clarity or visibility in the harbour is consistently very good and quite often crystal clear. This is due to Whangateau’s healthy cockle populations that can actually be seen filtering “cleaning” the water as you snorkel past them.

Mangrove forests and estuaries are natural nursery areas for juvenile fish and other marine life. Huge schools of fish large and small are often sighted hiding within the mangroves by snorkelers exploring the many hidden trails through its forest.

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