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Tawharanui Regional Park, Auckland, New Zealand


Tawharanui Regional Park hosts the lesser known marine reserve of the Matakana region. Tawharanuis reserve is only a few years younger than Goat Island having been protection since July 1981 as a Marine Park and finally receiving full Marine Reserve status in September 2011.

What Tawharanui lacks in fame is certainly made up for in sheer beauty and abundance of wildlife. It is the only example on mainland NZ where both a mainland pest free sanctuary and a marine reserve are joined as one; providing continuous protection to our native species both on land and in the ocean.

Just 1 hour’s drive north of Auckland, you can snorkel with the crays to the sound of saddelbacks!

Tawharanui’s success is down to a continued collaboration effort between Auckland Council, Tawharanui’s very own community group and lots of volunteers. To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Tawharanui click the link: Tawharanui Open Sanctuary (TOSSI) .

What we offer at Tawharanui:

We consider ourselves extremely privileged to have been granted exclusive snorkel rights to enter Tawharanui Marine Reserve from the shores of the Regional Park by Auckland Council.

Tawharanui is a truly special place and we are overjoyed to offer the following services:

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