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Beach Cleans:

both Community & School Marine Debris Activities


Community Eco Events:

Saltwater Eco Led & Supporting Local Community Events


Our Philosophy:

Saltwater Eco are eager to share our passion for the natural world.

Over the past 10 years our Directors have contributed thousands of person hours to marine conservation, community development and habitat restoration projects all around the world.

Saltwater Eco is a result of our ambition, experiences and aspirations for the future. We believe “Eco” isn’t just a buzz word, but a way of life and we operate our business how we live our lives: sustainably with minimal impact, and with respect for our natural world.

Education and awareness promote positive change and we endeavour to bridge the gap between conservation and recreation. We love to get people engaged and connected with the natural world and the issues that surround it. If we all cared for and looked after our local patch the world would be an even better place.

Saltwater Eco Ethics:

  • We facilitate educational opportunities for our clients to better understand and appreciate our local marine and terrestrial environments.
  • We operate a minimal environmental impact policy for all operations and logistics.
  • We promote responsible practices and passive interactions with wildlife.
  • Our staff actively contribute to local conservation efforts, as well as coordinating our own Eco Events.
  • We lead by example displaying the upmost respect for the Cultural, Natural, Historic and Recreational values of our operation sites.
  • Our homemade refreshments are made using local and ethically produced produce.
  • We minimise waste, conserve water, recycle, reuse and repurpose where possible.
  • All our equipment is washed with environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products courtesy of Simple Green.
  • We endeavor to exceed our clients expectations, providing an unparalleled natural experience whilst instilling eco ethics and values.
  • We advertise our products, services and eco focus honestly.

Beach Clean Events & Marine Debris Workshops

Saltwater Eco actively give back to the marine environments that we work in.

Community Beach Cleans
Every season we host at least one local beach clean event, our most famous being our Annual Omaha Community Beach Clean! Our team are in the process of expanding these events, with the intention of running a series of beach clean events up and down the Matakana Coast each season. We’re always on the look out for event sponsors, supports and collaborators so if you’d like to get involved please get in touch.

Marine Debris Workshops
A big part of our Sustainability focus is to educate and raise awareness about the issues and impacts surrounding marine debris (human litter in our oceans). This includes running interactive workshops,  highlighting the importance of reducing our global waste footprint and how small daily changes contribute to massive positive change.

Ocean plastics are by far the largest marine debris culprit, especially single use plastics and packaging items. Our workshops actively promote plastic free alternatives and sustainable living ideas, with the help of our epic eco partners such as Eco Food Wraps. If you’d like us to run a marine debris workshop or provide resources for a local event, business or school we’d be more than happy to help.

Plant A Native Commitment & Community Planting Days

We plant a native tree for every client we have!

This means by choosing Saltwater Eco our client’s make a positive difference to the environment. Learn more about our Plant a Native Story and Revegation Project.

All the natives trees  planted are:

  • Grown from local (Eco sourced) seeds.
  • Of ecological value to the environment in which they are planted,
  • Incorporated into ongoing revegetation projects around the north Auckland region.

For more information on our Plant a Native commitment, or if you’d like advice as to how to get involved / begin your own native re veg project we’d love to hear from you!

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