Project Description

Teens 2 Day Surf Camps

Ages 13 to 17 Years

Our 2 Day Teen Surf Camps are perfect for first timers through to confident beginners.
These camps are 2 hour group lessons on consecutive days, tailored to teenagers wanting to learn and progress their surf skills. Each session is jam packed full of tips and performance goals that are then be worked through with your experienced instructor.

All surf equipment is provided, plus photos and refreshments.
You’re welcome to bring along own own gear if they have it.

1 Day = $69.00
2 Days = $130.00

Teens Camp Schedule:
Camp 1: 15th-16th | 9am-11am
Camp 2: 23rd-24th | 10am-12pm
Camp 3: 24th & 25th Feb | 12pm-2pm
Camp 4: 17th & 18th March | 10am-12pm
Camp 5: 21st & 22nd April | 10am-12pm
Camp 6: 19th & 20th May | 11am-1pm

For bookings and inquiries please email

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