Poor knights

Poor Knights Island

The Poor Knight Islands are situated 30 km north east off the Tutukaka Coast. This offshore marine reserve was created in 1981 and its characteristic clear blue waters, rugged cliffs and abundant marine life make it one of the world’s most acclaimed dive and snorkel destinations.

Situated in the direct path of the warm East Auckland Current (EAC) the water around the isalnd’s are often several degrees warmer than at the coast. The EAC is responsible for regular encounters with tropical visitors such as green turtles and manta rays. Arch ways, pinnacles and overhangs provide homes for thousands of fish, and the islands themselves are completely pest free and protected.

The Tutukaka Coast is the gateway to the Poor Knights Islands, just 45 minutes’ drive from Whangarei Town Centre. This pristine stretch of coast is home to secluded bays, expansive white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and pumping surf. All of which are surrounded by native bush and spectacular coastal vistas, the perfect location for a multiday Saltwater Adventure.

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