Introducing Saltwater Nature Series.

So as most of you lovely folk know there’s a lot more to Saltwater Eco than just surf and snorkel lessons/tours. Our Salty team have a pretty diverse background having worked in the fields of marine science, ecology and conservation (for starters). Our staff endeavor to share their knowledge of and passion for the fantastic saltwater environments that we are lucky enough to work in on a daily basis.

In creating the Saltwater Nature Series (SNS) we wanted to provide our supporters with regular insights into some of the amazing species above and below the water that also call the Matakana Coast home.

So sit back and enjoy learning about the cool salty beauties we share our big blue playground with and the next time you spot them you’ll be able to consider yourself well informed!

*All images used are taken by Saltwater Eco staff around the Matakana Coast Region.

Saltwater Nature Species 1: New Zealand Dotterel, tūturiwhatu (non-breeding juvenile)

Image: Taken at Omaha Spit, Matakana Coast, August 2016

Status: Endemic (only found in NZ)

Conservation Status: Nationally Vulnerable

Facts to learn and share:

  1. NZ Dotterels are endangered,  with less than 2,000 birds left in NZ; meaning they are more at risk than some species of kiwi.
  2. NZ Dotterels can be found on sandy beaches and sand spits or feeding on tidal estuaries.
  3. During the breeding season dotterel pairs change their breast plumage to an orange-red and start getting frisky from mid-winter becoming extremely territorial.

Where you can spot NZ Dottreles around the Matakana Coast: Omaha Spit, Pakiri and Tawharanui Open Sanctuary

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