So we often get asked what do we get up to when we’re not surfing or snorkeling?

Sunday happened to be one of those days so I thought I’d share our story….

We turned our attention inland and up, 439 meters to be precise, towards Mt Tamahunga and set to work checking trap lines on behalf of the Tamahunga Trappers, our local community trapping group of which we are members.

Now for those of you who don’t know…

The native forest on Mt Tamahunga is one of the finest in the Auckland Region with over 200 species of native plants, many of which are rare or otherwise unknown anywhere else. Which in turn provides habitat to an ever increasing population of native animals such as the Hochsetter’s frog, tomtits, bell birds, kaka and kereru.

The mountain itself is also a major player in terms of our fresh water catchment, contributing to the excellent water quality of the Matakana River and the Whangateau Harbour.

So on reflection, Mt T is kind of a big deal and we are pretty darn lucky to have such an incredible environment on our doorstep. However, Mt T hasn’t always been in tip top condition and it’s conservation successes didn’t happen on their own, but are the result of thousands of volunteer hours.

Introducing the Tamahunga Trappers:

Formed in 2009, then an informal group of conservation enthusiasts united by the biodiversity potential Mt T could regain, began a systematic trapping program.  The Trapper’s quickly gained momentum and support from local land owners, iwi and government e.g. the Department of Conservation and Auckland Council.

Today the TT’s are now a incorporated society, going from strength to strength with plans to implement both animal and plant pest control over an ever increasing area.

Get involved and become a Tamahunga Trapper:

So the next time there’s no surf or snorkeling happening on the Matakana Coast and you’re keen to get out in to nature and do something worthwhile check out the TTs.

Click here for more info on the TTs and of course you can like them on Facebook.