Matakana Coast, Auckland, New Zealand

About the Matakana Coast:

Less than 1 hour’s drive north of Auckland City, the picturesque Matakana Coast has something for everyone. Matakana Village boasts a fantastic range of cafes and eateries, art galleries and shopping facilities. In addition to award-winning vineyards, cinema and weekend markets.

Matakana’s pristine white sand beaches and secluded rocky coves feature an array of quality surf spots. Furthermore, the expansive shorelines of both Omaha and Pakiri Beaches consistently offer a collection of surf breaks for all abilities.

Below the surface the Matakana Coast continues to deliver, being a spectacular snorkel destination.

Hosting two of New Zealand’s most acclaimed Marine Reserves Goat Island and Tāwharanui. In addition to world class mangrove snorkeling at Whangateau Harbour, New Zealand’s most pristine waterway and Matakana’s best kept secret!

The Matakana Coast is also a big player in conservation and volunteering. Local volunteer led community groups maintain several Pest Free Mainland Sanctuaries along the coast; in the fight to restore and protect New Zealand’s native species. Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary encompasses both a mainland pest free sanctuary and marine reserve, allowing both land and sea to be protected as one.

What we offer on the Matakana Coast:

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