Goat Island

Goat Island Marine Reserve, Auckland, New Zealand

About Goat Island:

Goat Island is New Zealand’s oldest and best known marine reserve, located 10 minutes’ drive past Matakana Village. Back in the late 1960s local marine scientists working at Goat Island were principle in starting the marine reserve movement worldwide, and in 1975 Goat Island officially became the first! Today, Goat Island’s thriving marine life coupled with its ever increasing visitor numbers are testament to the reserves success.

Goat Island is still home to an active scientific community with both an Auckland University research facility and the recent addition of the Marine Discovery Centre; a fantastic public marine education resource.

Snapper are the reserves most iconic residence, schools of juveniles right up to several ‘granddaddy snapper’ that are approximately 50 years old are all regularly sighted. Goat Island’s marine life is plentiful and diverse and snorkeling the marine reserve is definitely the best way to get up close and experience its many underwater wonders.

What we offer at Goat Island Marine Reserve:

Goat Island Marine Reserve is a spectacular place to explore and we are overjoyed to offer the following services:

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