Daily Lessons at Goat Island: 10:30am-12:30pm (Nov to May)


Learn to Snorkel with Saltwater Eco and discover our underwater playground!

Whether you are learning to snorkel for the first time or are in need of a refresher, our Discover Snorkel group beginner lessons are perfectly designed to get you comfortable and fully immersed in Matakana’s underwater playground.

During your guided snorkel lesson your passionate Marine Biologist guide will:

  • Familiarise you with your snorkel gear
  • Teach you in-water and beach safety
  • Those all-important snorkeling skills!

Learning to snorkel is the best way to get up close with our magical marine environments and their incredible marine life. Our interpretive snorkel lessons and tours are packed to the brim with marine education and conservation so you’ll come away from your session having learnt so much more!



Group of 4


3 pack (3 single lessons)


5 pack (5 single lessons)


What’s included?

Discover Snorkel is a 2 hour group beginner lesson, with approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in the water.

Our snorkel lessons are run at a relaxed pace and our groups small with a maximum of 8 snorkelers to 1 instructor.

All your snorkel gear (mask and snorkel, wetsuit and fins) are provided, including additional flotation devices if you lack water confidence.

Photos from your snorkel as well as our famous homemade beach side treats: baking, juices or hot chocolate are all part of the service.

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